Miss T and Kids :)

Having Fun

Our New Bounce House :)

A Birthday Party at Miss Theresa's

Toy Car Wash Day!

Got Cheese?

   "If you think my hands are full,
        you should see my heart!"

Our Toy Room

Eating and Craft Area

Can u find me?

This is Shorty. She is the newest addition to our family. She is 3 months old and so much fun!

Do you like my hat?
My Child Care Goals:

To prepare children for their future:
Enable children to follow simple directions.
Teach children when it is appropriate to sit and listen.
Encourage a love of music and books.
Enable each child to be self-confident, and to have self respect.
Help children verbalize needs and ideas.
Teach the children to work out differences using language.
Teach respect for others’ differences.
Teach the children to have a sense of wonder and to think about the things around them.
Have each child enjoy their childhood to the fullest by encouraging:
Each child to laugh.
Each child to have fun.
Each child to experiment and to
have the self-confidence to make mistakes.
I maintain an open door
policy. This means you are
always welcome to call
or drop in to
see your child at any
time during our day.
Fun At The Park!!

The Gang  

Summer Fun With Daycare Kids

Puzzle Maniacs!

And my Computer Cutie ;)

       Curious George, Avery and Miss T    

Thank You for taking the time to look at our
child care site!
If you have any questions or would like to
schedule an interview,

after daycare hours,
you can contact me at
(734) 675-1080
TXT at (734) 771-5875
or E-mail me at t.costantini@comcast.net